This project was developed as a tool to help you heal from the pain, guilt, hurt, and turmoil that keeping a secret can cause. After some very hurtful and disrespectful things were said by a prominent public figure, people felt the need to speak up aboutĀ things that happened to them, things that hurt them, sexual abuse, domestic violence, physical and emotional abuse, harassment. People spoke up about things they hadn’t dared speak of before, things that suddenly felt safe to say out loud.

And it was healing. They felt better now that it was out of their body and into the world. It was watered down, into the open, and not as painful. They felt empowered and more free and able to move on with their life.

We want to give you a safe place to let those secrets go. We want to hear them and honor them. We want to make some of your secrets into a thing of beauty through artwork and typography and photographs. We want others to feel your pain and to know that they are not alone.

Where is this project going? Perhaps some day the images and art and words will be made into a book to share. We are really not sure. But it needs to take its first steps out into the world. Are you ready?