Please read this before submitting a Secret. Because of the sensitive nature of the content, all submissions shall remain anonymous. We do not want to know your real name, but if it sounds like a real name, our Unicorn name generator will come up with a fake one for you.

Once submitted, the author relinquishes all rights to the Secret and agrees to remain anonymous for all of eternity. With the possible event that Secrets are published in book form, author still agrees to anonymity and has no claim to fame or fortune if their story is included. A portion of the proceeds of possible future book will be donated to various charities that work with suicide prevention, domestic and child abuse, and sexual assault victims.

Submissions may be edited in certain cases, because we like correct grammar and stuff like that. Sometimes they’ll be left as-is, if it adds to the context of the Secret. Our Artists will work hard to illustrate your secret, to give it a visual representation through drawing, painting, or photography.

Please see the Submit Your Secret page for three ways to submit your story.

If you have any questions, please email with QUESTION in the subject line.